Microsoft Windows XP Review

Posted on 2/17/2016
Microsoft Windows XP Review

A few years after Windows Millenium, Windows XP has arrived. This long awaited upgrade ends the distinction between the corporate (and more stable) NT/200 Windows and the user-oriented Windows 95/98/Millennium. Windows XP offers similar variation of the same OS for both home and business in two distincts upgrades : Windows XP home and Windows XP professionals.

Key features for Windows XP

This new version provides you with a variety of improvements and novelties to make your work easier and come to the results you are expecting:


  • Web cookie controller

  • CD-creation software

  • PPPoE support for use with ADSL connections (ante up, Wind River)

  • Advanced portable PC support

  • Automatic wireless connection support

  • Automatic software installation and maintenance

  • Fast start-up

  • Help and support centre

  • Internet connection firewall

  • Network set-up wizard

  • Remote desktop access

  • Remote installation service (RIS)

Our verdict

We highly recommend Microsoft Windows XP because it provides an improved performance on many systems and its aesthetics and function redesigns. It also features login screens for home and corporate versions alike, something that many previous Windows versions’ users have never seen. Finally, it offers a streamlined interface as well as an easier and more capable network.

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