Microsoft Windows 8 Review

Posted on 2/18/2016
Microsoft Windows 8 Review

After the mixed performance of Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8 arrives with high hopes and expectations from the users. They will not be disappointed! Windows 8’s touch interface has been improved for tablets and smartphones, but the more “traditional” desktop remains versatile and more accessible to old-fashioned mouse users. It offers a variety of new features, like Windows Store, free streaming music from Xbox Music and much more!

Key features for Windows 8

This new version provides you with a variety of improvements and novelties to make your everyday work easier and come to the results you are expecting:

  • Metro Start

  • Traditional desktop

  • Metro apps

  • Windows Store

  • Tablet ready

  • Internet Explorer 10 for Metro

  • Touch interface

  • SkyDrive connectivity

  • Charms bar

  • Search Bars

  • Windows 8 snap-to feature

  • PC Recovery

  • Windows Reader

  • Ribbon and quick access toolbar

  • File History

  • Storage Spaces

  • Metro Video app

  • Integrated social networking

  • Reduced hardware requirements

  • Free streaming music from Xbox Music

Our verdict

We highly recommend Microsoft Windows 8 because it is a beautiful, polyvalent operating system, that you can customize according to your computer habits and needs. Windows 8 remains the first serious attempt to gather computer across disparate devices and accounts in a way that looks cohesive. It has a stunningly improved speed and you will feel like it is truly connected to your life and the Internet as well.

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