Microsoft Visual Studio Review

Posted on 10/2/2015
Once again, Microsoft Visual Studio has created a new feature-rich environment to create mind-blowing applications for Windows, Android and iOS, as well as Web apps and modern-cloud services. Developers, testers, Web Designers, architects and so on, will be impressed by its brand-new features that they can use on a vast range of technologies (desktop, Web, cloud, Windows store, services and databases.). This new version delivers editing, debugging, deployment, project architecture, and ALM improvements, that are stretching from Windows to Web development and from mobile devices to clouds.

Key features for Microsoft Visual Studio

This new version provides you with a variety of improvements and novelties to make your creation process easier and come to the results you are expecting:

Development Environment : This improved feature allows you to focus on creating values and accomplishing tasks quicker with a clean, fast and powerful creative environment.

  • CodeLens heads-up display
  • Rich environment
  • Business app development

Platform Support : The user can now build apps, target Microsoft platforms, as well as mobile web apps, web applications and cloud services across all available devices.

  • Windows Applications
  • Web Apps & Cloud Services
  • Business Productivity Apps
Agile Software Development : This feature adopts practices that best fit your team and plan, manage and track work across backlogs and teams.

  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • Burndown Charts
  • Customizable Kanban boards
Team Collaboration : You can now connect with your development team, end users and business stakeholders through integrated tools that foster collaboration.

  • Team Rooms
  • Feedback Management
  • Git Based Repositories
Debugging & Diagnostics: This feature allows you to quickly identify and solve issues that keep your application from running the way you want it, regardless of the platform.

  • Advanced Debugger
  • Browser Link
  • IntelliTrace
Software Testing Tools: Brand new advanced testing tools will now ensure quality throughout the lifecycle of your application, enabling high-quality software.

  • Test Case Management
  • Web Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
Release Management : You can now configure, plan, approve and deploy any of your applications in any environment with proper tools that reduces your production time and improves your delivery process

  • Manage a consistent pipeline
  • Define release processes
Lab Management : This new tool systematizes building, deploying, and running automated tests on your lab environment with powerful automation tools.

  • Virtual Environment Manager
  • SCVMM and Hyper-V
  • Test and Build Automation
Architecture and Modeling: This powerful feature provides you with rich and intuitive diagramming and modeling tools, to help you visualize, analyze and validate software architecture.

  • UML diagrams
  • Code Map
  • Architecture Explorer
Application Insights : This tool maintains the availability and performance of your applications while they gain insight into their use.

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Performance monitoring
  • Usage analysis
Integration with Visual Studio: You can now easily integrate with the Visual Studio platform to build the ideal development environment.

  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Online
  • Team Foundation Server

Our verdict

We highly recommend Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 for all its user-oriented features that make app creation easier and accessible for all developers. It helps improve the developer's’ productivity in many ways : in the editors, the debuggers, the frameworks, the wizards and in the performance and diagnostics tools. Overall, it goes beyond the simple apps development and properly integrates all the tools and features that the developers may need!

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