Microsoft OneNote review

Posted on 11/10/2015
Capture text, images, as well as video and audio notes with OneNote. By sharing your notebooks, you can simultaneously take and edit notes with other people in other locations, or just keep everyone in sync and up to date. You can also take your OneNote 2010 notebooks with you--view and edit your notes from virtually any computer with an Internet connection or your Windows phone.

Why Choose Microsoft OneNote?

OneNote is a great software that almost no one uses. It’s not for want of trying on Microsoft’s part, as it has pushed the application unwaveringly for several years now and it is one of the apps that appear in every single edition of Office. There’s nothing in OneNote 2010 to dissuade sceptics that’s it’s trying to be more organised than most people want to be, but it’s a good incremental upgrade for current users, with the integration with Web Apps and SharePoint being important for those that use it extensively.

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