Final Draft 10

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Final Draft 10
Manufacturer: Final Draft
Condition: Brand new, Factory sealed
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Product Overview

Description Write movie and TV scripts, stage plays, and new media with Final Draft - the number-one selling entertainment industry-standard application that combines powerful word processing with professional script formatting. There is no need to learn about script formatting rules - Final Draft automatically formats your script to industry standards as you write. Works seamlessly with the new Final Draft Writer app for iPad (sold separately).



Beat Board and Story Map work hand-in-hand. This brainstorming tool gives you the freedom to organize your ideas as they come to you, keeping your thoughts collected within you FDX file. Beats can easily be previewed, moved, and color-coded. You can organize your beats by dragging them into Story Map and arranging them there.



Are you one of the many writers who prefers to work on a team? With Collaboration, you can now remotely work on a single script with your writing partners! Collaboration works in real-time and it provides a chat feature so that you can communicate fluidly with your team while you write. Plus, if you want a friend or colleague to proofread one of your scripts, you can simply pass control so that another Final Draft user can access and edit your document!



It can be hard to choose between different lines of dialogue. With Alt Dialogue, you dont have to make that choice right away, or ever! Multiple versions of a single line can be stored within your script and revisited by either toggling through the options or viewing them in an easy-to-access table.



Forget the days of navigating between your outline and your FDX file, or, horror of horrors, losing the paper or notebook that contained your scripts structure. Structure Points are here to make outlining more accessible. You can color code Structure Points, move them around your Beat Board, and view different Structure Points within your Story Map. If youre new to screenwriting, the Final Draft structure templates can help you get started. By using split view, you can even view your Beat Board and screenplay simultaneously!



Final Draft 10 offers new and improved Scene Numbering Options, revamped to industry standards. You now have the option to choose between the 1a and a2 formats.



File names are now automatically included in the Header or Footer of your script. Headers and Footers can also include a myriad of other information, such as the date, scene, label, page number, and more.



The Revision Menu now contains the option to bold text. The menu retains its previous functions as well, such as underline, dotted underline, strike out, text color, and more.



No longer do you have to "find and replace" to change a character name - Final Draft will globally change a characters name in script elements like dialogue and action while retaining the proper casing. The change in name will include all metadata, such as SmartType lists and the Navigator.


Planning a table read of your screenplay? Character Highlighting will come in handy to easily distinguish all characters dialogue. Its also a great feature for tracking a characters dialogue to see if he is being too verbose or too shy.


Final Draft is going green, giving you the ability to distribute your script electronically with the colored revised production pages. When you export to PDF, revised pages are a solid Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, etc. When youre working in an FDX file, the revised page will have the revision sets color on the left and right borders only. Writing in clean white is easy on the eyes, but there will be no doubt as to which revision set youre working in.


Protect your script by identifying the recipient via a customizable watermark that displays in PDF and on the printed pages.


Each FDX file maintains its own correct paper size (either A4 or US Letter) no matter where its opened.


Checking your work has never been easier - SmartType list words are automatically integrated in the spell-checker, which features more than 300 new words. Additionally, the thesaurus is located in the context menu, so a right-click will give you alternative words to help make your description as vivid as possible.


Mac users will benefit from the convenience of distraction-free writing in full-screen mode, as well as Retina display compatibility. Additionally, Macs built-in dictation feature works with Final Draft, allowing for hands-free writing thats as fast as your ideas.


The Final Draft 10 user has the option to select the Windows ribbon look, with special buttons, backgrounds, and menus, or enjoy the same experience theyve come to love by switching back to Classic mode.


You can install and start using Final Draft in minutes due to the easy-to-use Tab and Enter functionality, which formats the scripts elements to Industry standards.


If you prefer keyboard shortcuts and macros youre already used to, Final Draft allows you to customize your workflow for your writing needs.


Production companies and studios need consistent page counts when theyre budgeting a script. Final Draft uses its own Courier font to ensure identical pagination on Windows, Macintosh, and the iOS (iPad).


In addition to the standard templates that are included in the software package, the Final Draft Template Library is updated regularly and allows registered users to download over 100 classic and current television shows, screenplay, stage play, and graphic novel templates.


This writing tool checks your script for common formatting errors, such as missing dialogue, extra spaces, carriage returns, and blank elements. You can set it to run every time you print or only when you want it to.


Have Final Draft read your script read back to you. You can even assign different voices to your characters! Its like having a live script reading inside your computer.


Like most writers, you probably need to keep a lot of ideas at the front of your mind while youre writing. With the Panels system, you can split your screen into separate panels and view your script pages in one panel while you view another section of the script or your Index Cards, Beat Board or Scene View in the other panel.


Track the progress of your writing goals with the Statistics report, which checks how much content youve completed in a writing session. You can also track things such as how often Character A interacts with Character B.


If youre working with multiple drafts, its important to make sure youre editing the correct one. With the Workspace preference, you can have Final Draft open all the files you had open in your last session, in the correct order.


Scene View gives you a high-altitude look at your script so you can move scenes around to further refine your story. Insert new scenes easily and hide or show information important to you, such as the scenes action, title, and summary. Assign colors to each scene by any criteria, such as storyline, character, location, time of day, and more. Print your scene view or simply view it alongside the script. With just a double-click you can sync the script to instantly go to any scene youve selected.


Final Draft has double-sided cards that display the scripts scene on one side and the summary on the other. The summary view allows you to enter text directly into the index card - plot points, notes, sequence or act markers, comments, locations, blocking - anything you need to build and organize your story. These notes sync with the Scene Navigator, so any information you add there will automatically appear on the corresponding card. Select and rearrange multiple cards at once to reorder your scenes. Print your index cards directly on 3x5 or 4x6 cards for use in the "traditional" way, if you want to visualize and organize scenes outside of the application. Double-clicking on a card in split-panel view will automatically sync the scene selected with your script page.


Final Draft offers several ways to manipulate the page count, if necessary: paragraph leading, global line spacing adjustment, global and local indent adjustments, and page margin settings.

"Final Draft makes it possible to simply imagine the movie in script form." Tom Hanks - Writer / Director / Producer / Actor / Academy Award® and Emmy® winner The Da Vinci Code, Forrest Gump, That Thing You Do!

"You cant win a race without a champion car. Final Draft is my Ferrari."
James Cameron - Writer / Director / Producer / Academy Award® winner. Titanic, The Terminator, The Abyss, True Lies

"Even if you dont own a computer, I recommend buying Final Draft."
J.J. Abrams - Writer / Director / Producer / Emmy® winner. Star Trek, Mission: Impossible III, Lost (TV) , Alias (TV)

"I think youve finally reached the apex with Final Draft."
Oliver Stone - Writer / Director / Producer / Academy Award® winner W., World Trade Center, JFK, Wall Street, Platoon, Midnight Express

"Ive tried a variety of scriptwriting software and Final Draft is without question my favorite."
Alan Ball - Writer / Director / Producer / Academy Award® and Emmy® winner True Blood (TV) , American Beauty, Six Feet Under (TV)

"The intuitive ease of Final Draft allows the writer to focus on whats truly important - story."
Robert Zemeckis - Writer / Director / Producer/ Academy Award® winner Flight, Mars Needs Mom, Beowulf, The Polar Express, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future


Mac System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.9 and above
  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM
  • 60 MB available hard drive space
  • Internet connection required during installation

Windows System Requirements:

  • Microsoft® Windows 7 and above
  • Minimum 512 MB of RAM
  • 60 MB available hard drive space
  • Internet connection required during installation
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Product Specs
Title:Final Draft 10 
Condition:Brand new, Factory sealed 
Manufacturer:Final Draft 
Installation Type: Key Card Download

Installation Type:

DVD - Software comes on a DVD disc. A DVD drive is required for installation.

Key Card Download - This Key Card will be shipped to you. The key card will contain instructions on how to download the software directly from the manufacturer and activate the software with the product key.

Key Card Hosted (SaaS) - This Key Card will be shipped to you. The key card will contain instructions on how to activate the software and begin using it in a hosted environment. No downloads required.

Download - Software is available for immediate download after purchase.

Hosted (SaaS) - Software is available immediately after purchase in a hosted environment. No downloads required.
License Only - No media is included. You will receive a license pack. This is usually for existing installations that require additional licenses.

USB Thumb Drive - Software comes from the manufacturer on a USB thumb drive.

Full or Upgrade: Full

Full or Upgrade

Full - This is the full version and includes a full, working copy of the program. No previous version is required.

Upgrade - Users of a previous release of a particular software program are eligible to buy an upgrade to the newer version of the same product. This is typically less of an expense. Please note the prior version must be a retail version. Academic, OEM, or Promotional versions cannot be upgraded.

License Pricing: Commercial/Home

License Pricing:

Commercial/Home - Is licensed to Commercial and Home environments. Includes manufacturer technical support.

Non-Commercial - Is licensed to Non-Commercial environments. Includes manufacturer technical support.

OEM - Being intended for system builders, OEM software does not include a box or comprehensive manual. This is a fully functional version of the software. Please note, OEM software is not covered for technical support by the manufacturer and in some cases OEM software may not be used to upgrade from a previous version.

Academic - Academic versions are available for purchase by accredited schools, faculties, full/part-time matriculated students and academic supervisory organizations. Academic versions are not eligible to be upgraded.

License Type: Perpetual

License Type:

Perpetual - Is licensed forever and does not need to be renewed.

Subscription - Is licensed for only a certain duration until you need to renew.

License Quantity:2 Users
Product Family:Final Draft
Release Year:2016
Weight:0.1 Pounds 

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