Adobe Acrobat DC review

Posted on 10/5/2015

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC Review

Anyone who has worked in an office before once stumbled upon an Adobe tool. The brand new Adobe Acrobat DC Standard now offers enhanced speed and performance, as well as inutuitive interface for mobile devices and desktop. Unlike other Adobe tool, Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud makes it very clear what each icon represents, once you have clicked into a tool, the instruction and prompts are provided by Adobe are fool-proof.

New features :

  • Sending and tracking documents online
  • Consistent user experience on all devices
  • Creating high-quality PDFs in Microsoft Word for Mac
  • Working in Microsoft Word to create protected PDF files that restrict copying and editing

And much more !

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Review

This brand-new version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has delivered the goods. By pushing PDFs to the cloud - aka as the Document Cloud created by Adobe, that is a document-signing service for which Acrobat is the interface, on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. It offers an efficient new interface, provides majors improvements in OCR and text-editing. This is the first release with a major UI change on top of new and improved features and tools.

New features :

  • Working on touch-enabled devices
  • Storing and sharing files online with instant access to recently viewed files
  • Cleaning-up document photos to remove backgrounds and adjust perspective
  • Filing, signing, and send forms electronically
  • Adding or editing text in a PDF on your iPad

And much more !

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